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and dr. jill biden hugging the first lady.
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>> pelley: quite a celebration. after a hard hard fought campaign.
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history will record that the vote was close tonight but the president was able to rack up the electoral votes he needed in fairly short order. taking almost all of the swing states they were in question at the beginning of the night and knocking them off one by one totaling more than 300 electoral votes. more than 270 that he needed to win. but not nearly the 365 that he had in 2008. he delivered a victory speech of soaring rhetoric but now of course he'll have to get down to the down and dirty politics of compromise and governing.
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and maybe reaching agreements with the republican-controlled house that he was not able to reach before the election. the president said that the work ahead would be hard, frustrating but necessary. >> the president was telling the truth. it's going to be extremely difficult, extremely difficult. it's almost like, i remember when the president first came into office and he talked about trying to have a reset in relations with russia. well that's basically what he, that didn't work out so well by the way. but what he's got to do now is have a reset in relations with the congress. they have simply got to sit down and just say look, we've got to start over again and see if we can figure something out because this deficit is, we've got to find some way to deal with it.
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we've got to find a way to find enough revenue to run the government. and the congress showed no ability to do that over the last year, and whatever negotiations there were, i mean people weren't even speaking to one another let alone communicate, working on things. one you would hope that the democrats were right when they said before look, elections do have an impact and elections do matter. let's hope that this one does. i mean for the sake of not only both parties but more importantly for the sake of america's future. >> pelley: the president sat down for a minute here at the cbs evening news and we asked him how are the next four years going to be different if the republicans would take control of the house and you're in the white house and he said well when they realize they're stuck with me for another three years they'll be willing to compromise. nora, how do you see this battle between the president and the
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republican congress playing out now with the president's own re-election. >> the president said i've never been ar more hopeful about the future. he reiterated what was the campaign theme of barack obama that first brought him national prominence there are no blue states or red states there's the united states of america. his method has always been more about what yiefts u unites us tt divides us yet his presidency has been marked by sharp division and political divide. he gets an opportunity in the second term to prove he will be a different kind of president and he will be judged on that and he will have to find a new way to find common ground to establish personal relationships with those members of congress. it is about partisanship. this is a divided country. bob talked about that, the way house speakers are. it's also about personal relationships and the personal relationships that are broken down and the inability to make friendships with people on the other side of the aisle. can barack obama do that. will he enlist his happy warrior
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joe biden who has been good about that in the past to help him. >> pelley: president said in the speech compromise is needed to move the country forward and that is the hard work he has set for himself over the next four years. cbs news coverage of this election night 2012 will continue in just a moment. snoivmen>> pelley: wel welcoo
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our 2012 coverage. we saw the president make his victory speech in mccormick place in chicago in front of thousands of jubilant supporters and fans. let us show you the presidential map one more time, show you how the president put all of together. 270 electoral votes needed to win. you see president obama has 303, mitt romney 206. the red states are those states that went for mitt romney, the blue states are the states that went for the president. examine the electoraand the elee allocated to the states essentially by population. so the most popular states like california for example have the largest number of electoral votes. 55 electoral votes in the case of california. so you see all of those states together and there is one outlier down there in the south the state of florida we have not been able to make a cbs news projection for the state of florida yet because the vote there is so close.
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it won't make a difference in this race. it was ohio that put president obama over the top tonight, even if mitt romney won florida tonight it would not be nearly enough to bring him up to parody with the president. but let's have a look at the vote count in florida. this is the tabulated vote. 97% of the vote is in. the president has a slender lead but look at that. out of 8 million votes cast, the president has roughly 70,000 more votes than mitt romney. out of eight million or so votes cats in florida. remarkable thing. let's have a look at the popular vote as well. this is the national popular vote. 54 million for the president, 53 million and change for mitt romney. the president has about a million more votes than mitt romney at this point. this is not of course the vote that matters, it is the
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electoral vote that matters but this is the way the popular vote is being counted at this moment. it will be days and maybe even weeks before we get the absolute final numbers on the popular vote. but that gives you an idea of how very close it was. nora o'donnell our side kick here on the election set all night long has to get ready for cbs this morning. she will be on the air in just a few hours so we let nora go and we brought john dickerson up here on the set with bob schieffer and i. john, the president's campaign really remarkable, no president's been re-elected with an unemployment rate this high not since fdr. how did he do it. >> well you know remember back when he was a candidate in 2008 in primary against hillary clinton, hillary clinton was a dynamic candidate. she had the establishment of the party and here came this first term senator out of no where. and the same generals who ran this campaign had a plan and it involved late in the processorring of these caucuses. and they stuck to their plan.
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remember the old one about no drama obama. when things were going crazy and people said you're losing to hillary clinton. why don't you do something. he said we've got a plan and we're going to work it. that's exactly what they've done here. they worked their plan and in some cases they've been working for years and years. it was focused on turn out the votes making sure as much neighbor to neighbor contact to take place. that's why these neighborhood offices were so important. it had a lot of real estate. when you went to your neighborhood how was you saw somebody look like you and they knew if you saw somebody looked like you and talked like you, that you might like barack obama because you liked this person down the road. it got that small and they just worked that and worked that and that's what paid off in the end. >> you know scott, they went after mitt romney in his real house. he was running as a guy who could fix the economy. he was running as the financial expert, the guy who fixed businesses from going broke and
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turned them into profitable enterprises at least for him. so they made a conscious decision, what we need to do is explain to people that's not really who he is. who he is, is soirt sort of this robber baron, this sort of guy who is just trying to keep taxes low for the rich people. and they designed these ads, this went into these battle ground states, they knew where the battle because going to be fought and they just ran these over and over and over again. they ran these hood ads while mt romney was explaining he was going to fix the economy. what happened though is they defined mitt romney before mitt mit could define himself. not as a businessman but as a human being. >> right. they defined him as sort of an amalgam a collection of all the forethat made their lives difficult, an outsourcer a person who managed money and did sort of obscure things with money. and all of the thing that people
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were in a tough spot associated with the downturn. they turned mit mitt int mitt re embodiment of that. >> pelley: when the history of this period is written it may be decided barack obama one of won this election back in 2009 when he endorsed the auto industry bailout which created such a boom for the state of ohio which was the state that put him over the top. >> once again, you know, mitt romney went out to ohio and he went to michigan. and he says this thing is bad, they should have let these companies go into bankruptcy. it's worked out there. people have gone back to work. the auto industries were back up and running. it's pretty hard to run against something that people there on the scene think it was successful. again it was just a mistake in strategy by the romney people. >> pelley: all over the country all day long we've had interviewers talking to the voters as they've left the polls in all 50 states.
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anthony mason has been tracking those exit polls for us tonight. anthony, what leaps out at you? how did the president pull this off? >> scott you've been talking all night about the importance of the hispanic vote and we wanted to take another look at that. if you look at three key battle ground states, both candidates were going after, the hispanic vote was very important there. in the nevada, 19% of the electorate was hispanic. florida 17%, colorado 11%. in all three of those states, president obama had a substantial majority of hispanics ranging from 60% in in a to 74% in colorado. if you go back four years ago the president did well with hispanics. he won 67% back in 2008. but look at this. this time around he increased his margin to 71%. and that's particularly important because the hispanic vote is actually growing this year. it was 10% of the electorate this time, 9% four years ago. this is also interesting because this is the one major voting group in this election where the
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president increased his margins. it went up. in a lot of other groups like men and young voters it actually went down, here it went up and it was a critical factor, scott. >> pelley: and there were four million more registered hispanic voters in this election than there were in 2008. anthony, thank you very much. well done tonight. nancy cordes is at mccormick place where the president just delivered his victory speech. nancy. >> well, scott, the president supporters are filing out. the president will head home. and then tomorrow to his other home the whitehouse with his family. it's really going to be a time of transition for the president. several of his top cabinet members have already said if he's re-elected they'd like to move on to other things. his secretary of state hillary clinton has said she's tired. no surprise she's been jetting around the country for four straight years, around the world rather. so he'll need to choose another secretary of state. his treasury secretary, timothy
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geithner said repeated he would like to move o the president asked him to stick around but now it appears very likely he will need to find a new treasury secretary. he said tonight something interesting scott. he said that you the people have made me a better president i learned from you and i want to be a better president in the next four year. that means he has to do a better job working with members of congress from both sides who feel he has not done enough to reach out to them to get to know them to work with them. >> pelley: nancy great work tonight. thank you very much. mitt romney gave his concession speech a little bit before the president came out. and we wanted to listen in on a little bit of that concession speech that he gave earlier this evening. >> this election is over but our principles endure. i believe that the principles upon which this nation was founds are the only sure guide to a resurging economy and to a
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new greatness. like so many of you, mall and i have left -- mall and paul ande left everything on the field. we have given our all to this campaign. [applause] i so wish, i so wish that i had been able toal fill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction but the nation chose another leader. and so anne and i join with you to ernestly pray to him and for this great nation. thank you and god bless america. you guys are the best. thank you so much. [crowd cheering] thank you. thanks guys. >> pelley: governor romney also said earlier in that speech that he prayed for the success of president obama leading the nation. jan crawford has been covering the romney campaign start to finish all over this country, all over this country again and again and again. jan crawford is in boston tonight. jan. >> well scott, as you heard in
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those excerpts we just aired, the sadness in his voice obviously a brutal campaign for him starting back last june and in that primary that very hard primary he survived that only to step into this general election where he was hit with an assault of negative ads. you all have been talking. he really didn't respond to that but still believes, still believed he was going to win this righted up until the end. there's another moment in the speech tonight that was i thought particularly pig noinlt- poignant when he looked over at his wife ann she's been on the campaign trail from the beginning and campaigning on her own as well where he says he would like to thank the love of his life an. he was almost sad for her, she would have been such a great first lady so obviously here in the crowd everyone very deflated tonight. but it was interesting too scott when he talked about the president and gave those strong words he was praying for the president and the future of our great nation the crowd was
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respectful thinking about the bipartisanship going forward and address the concerns of division in the countries, romney's website was live streaming the president's remark and his victory speech. >> pelley: thank you very much for covering that for us. cbs news election night will continue in just a moment. >> pelley: welcome back to
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cbs coverage of election night. this will be a morning that we
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will begin to think about the second administration of barack obama and john dickerson, we were talking in the break here a moment ago about how the president now has an opportunity to protect a lot of the things that he accomplished in his first term in office. >> that's right. we're thinking about what he will do. the biggest thing for tonight in terms of his legacy is it protects what he has done. when the president is working for healthcare reform, the reporting tells us that he was the one who really wanted to go for the big go, had the big legacy event. and that's usually what they think about in their second term. presidents start to think about themselves in terms of history. he did that in his first term. governor romney was going to repeal that on day one. so now the affordable healthcare act continues, so does the dodd-frank financial regulatory bill, something governor romney wanted to get rid of. the question is whether those
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house members will get rid of it. one of the things they promised to do. >> it will be a donny brook between the president and the republican controlled house. >> it could be anything other. i don't see either side at this point, there's going to have to be some sort of meeting is here of where they can at least start talking about compromise. but right now, the two sides aren't even speaking let alone talking about compromise. but you know we will have some new faces coming. i think we'll probably have new whitehouse chief of staff. you're certainly going to have a new secretary of treasury, tim geithner is going to go. jack leuf i lou is being mentior that. >> pelley: this election coverage will continue in just a moment. >> pelley: in his first
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inaugural address, george washington said there was much writing on america's experiment with democracy. nothing less than the future of
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this model of government. and the preservation of the sacred fire of liberty. and that experiment he said, has been entrusted into the hands of the american people. well tonight the people renewed that trust with the hands that they used to cast their ballots. the people have spoken. for those of you in the west there will be more about the this election on your local news. cbs news coverage continues on-line at and don't miss our comprehensive coverage on cbs this morning with nora o'donnell, charlie rose and gayle king. and we will have more on the cbs evening news later tonight. i'm scott pelley. for all of us at cbs news, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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